“This is your life” on the Experience Recorder

by Mark R

Some day, we will have a device implanted onto our minds that will automatically record everything that we experience. All of these memories will be instantly uploaded onto bigger computers, and we can edit out all the unsavory parts for some quick blogging. That way, when we die, our life experience will remain online somewhere.

I know that sounds like a plot of a science fiction novel that takes place in either a utopian or dystopian society, but the Experience Recorder is a conceptual device that could easily make this concept a reality.

The Experience Recorder fits snugly onto a user’s hand, and then will record sounds, take pictures, and somehow file away touch sensations. All of this is just on the automatic setting. On the manual setting, the user can hold up the gloved hand and take video footage, using their own fingers as a sight guide.

Everything recorded can be uploaded to social networking sites, and this is truly ideal for Twitter, the site that wants to know exactly “what you’re doing now”. Perhaps future developments will allow you to play your experience back on some Total Recall virtual reality machine for someone else to experience.

Unfortunately, this is all in the concept stage, but I have included a YouTube video if you want to see more on the Experience Recorder.


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veritas Says: September 2, 2008 at 8:51 pm

the porn industry will be the first and fastest early adopter of this device for mass marketing purposes. I’d be willing to bet they give the devices away free so people will buy software…

Walt Says: February 20, 2009 at 2:17 am

In the movie “Final Cut” with Robin Williams, this concept was done with brain-inserted chips. Not for the security sensitive job though is it? I mean, think of the repercussions of recording EVERYTHING. In what narcissistic mind does one believe we need to see every little aspect of the daily life of someone else? Oh… reality TV enthusiasts.

Care to watch what I stare at as I move my bowels or urinate, or eat, or sleep, or have sex/masturbate, or any of the inane things we tend to fill our day with? I think not.

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