The Castlight Candlestick Holder Flashlight

by Ally

Power outages do happen from time to time and having a flashlight around to run off to fix a fuse is nice.  Plus with this device you could even do it scary movie style and just light a candle instead of turning on the flashlight.  It also solves one other obnoxious issue.  The issue of where to put away the flashlight so it’s not out cluttering up your home, but you still won’t lose it.  I have a set of four flashlights that I bought and I swear they’ve all managed to disappear.  It started that I put them all over the house and then I sort of lost track of them after that.  This candle holder is  attractive enough it could stay out in the open at all times.

Then if it is out in the open it will be easy to grab, even if it is completely pitch black.  It features a rubber texture to give it a firm grip.  Although with the tiny part being the part you have to grasp, it seems like it would make it hard to hold onto for too long.  The Castlight uses three AA batteries to keep it powered.  It is being sold for £34.99  or about $63 at Lazybone UK.

Source: OhGizmo

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