Zero Gravity Micro R/C Car

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all where remote control cars are concerned, along ambles the Zero Gravity Micro R/C Car. This device is touted to be extremely maneuverable, and is able to perform gravity-defying moves along the wall.

So how does it work then? Well, Zero Gravity Micro features an advanced Venturi suction system that works a bit like a vacuum cleaner. Special fans create massive down-force to keep it glued to the wall whilst flexible skirts around the chassis ensure the vacuum remains sealed. You control the action via a stylish twin toggle infra-red transmitter and the vehicle itself is powered by a rechargeable battery. Simply charge and go.

For £29.95, you will be able to choose from black or red colors, and with four frequencies to select from, you will be able to have fun with three other racers, but make sure your neck gets more than enough rest since looking at a ceiling all day long can get pretty sore.