The Cassette Tape USB Hub manages to slip in four ports

by Ally

A while back there was the odd little DIY project that resulted in a VHS tape being turned into a 4-port USB hub.  Well now someone has made a smaller USB hub but with just as old of technology.  Sadly I don’t believe this one is created from recycled cassette tapes, but at least it is created to look like one.  The only difference is that instead of being stuffed full of tape to record your music on, it comes with filled with four USB ports.  Yes, they managed to get all four into an object far smaller than the VHS tape.  It also looks like a much cleaner job.

Plus there is the extra perk that if you have no DIY skills, it’s okay since you can just pick one of these up at an online shop.  Pick yourself up one of the cassette tape flash drives and you’ll have a nice complimenting set.  One that although may look like outdated technology, they easily hide their true nature on the inside.  To pick one up it will cost you £12.99 or about $23 from I Want One of Those.

Source: OhGizmo

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