Folding Screen Video Walls baffle

Daewoo has announced a video wall folding screen. The DID-FS, has four integrated LCD panels and could be cool in a digital frame sort of way where the user could place artwork for prettying up a bedroom space. The kind of screen that women use to change their clothes when someone else is in the room now has video monitors built in so that … what?

There is one cool advantage to this design, as the video panels can either work in concert or be dedicated independently. So, if a user likes to watch different sports or news channels, the panels can be connected to separate video feeds in order to watch multiple channels at once. But with it’s portrait layout, this could be problematic. I rather like the idea of using them as a place to put digital art or large pictures of loved ones.

But I gotta be honest, I’m baffled by the widespread appeal of such a gadget. Sure, you can see it as a convention piece, to be used to screen whatever wares a booth is hawking, but for the every day consumer, it’s just gotta be a head scratcher.

Hat Tip – Born Rich