After camcorders, RED’s new target looks to be Digital SLRs

by James

Earlier this year, we reported on a cool gadget by RED called the Scarlet, which will bring ultra high resolution video to the consumer market based on the commercial RED ONE camera which has turned the filmmaking world upside down. Well, not content to rest on their digital laurels, RED has set it’s sites on a new market … digital SLRs.

Dropping a nuclear bomb into REDs user forums, Red CEO, Jim Jannard recently announced plans to create what he terms as a “Monstro sensor” based on the Red One’s Mysterium Censor. Jannard stated he plans on using this new 5K sensor in “another camera aimed squarely at the DSLR market.” This means that a RED DSLR could employ resolution up to 25 Mega pixels, which would clearly raise the bar for digital SLR cameras.

“The primary advantage to RED is REDCODE. Compressed RAW at over 23.976 fps, “ said Jannard in a user forum. “This is a core invention of RED that’s full effects have not been seen yet. (The) Mysterium “Monstro” is a sensor program that pushes the envelope past anything on the horizon. It will go into Epic … We have a couple of other “tricks up our sleeves”.

One thing is sure, if the Red Scarlet catches on in the consumer world as the Red One has caught on in the commercial world, then Canon, Nikon, Sony and other DSLR makers have been put on notice that there’s a new digital sheriff in town.

Hat Tip – The Big E

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