The USB Soda Can Humidifier humidifies and purifies the air

This may appear to be just a regular pop can.  One with odd and cheaply done artwork along the sides.  However, this can is another mini humidifier in disguise.  It’s meant to sit on your desk just like the Personal Humidifier that utilized a water bottle.  However, this can will blend in with your daily caffeinated beverages instead of stick out like the other humidifier.  The only thing to set it apart is the USB cord and on odd looking top.  Well and not to mention it puffing out bits of steam.  I suppose normal cans don’t do that, so that would look a little odd.

While puffing out steam it also uses anion technology to purify the air.  Which removes things like dust, odors and mold.  The anions will not only purify your air but improve your metabolism and relive fatigue.  It will also, obviously prevent diseases from getting into the air around your desk.  Which means you can use those sick days for something a little more entertaining than just lying around with the flu.  To pick one up it will cost you $24.99 from Sourcing Map.

Source: CraziestGadgets