Hungry Hippo Lamp scares off things that go bump in the night

by Ally

If you have a thing about sleeping in all that spooky darkness, you might need something to add a glow to your room.  Sure, you can pretend it’s for a your kid or a niece or nephew, but we know the truth.  This tubby little hippo sits on your bedside table, munching away on some cookies which of course only make him fatter.  Although, that’s probably best since a skinny hippo would be the slightest bit creepy.  Some things should never be scrawny and hippos are one of those things.

The hippo uses a 15 watt bulb, which is indication that he’s not going to be very bright.  That makes him perfect for a bedtime lamp.  It is attached to a 130cm cord, which is where the on/off switch is located.  That type of switch can get obnoxious, because then you have to go searching along the cord for the switch every single time.  The lamp is a bit more pricey than I had hoped.  It’s being sold for £29.95 or about $54 on Kesterberry.

Source: babygadget

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