Keyring Kites for portable, non-electronic fun


You don’t have to cite a DS, PSP or iPod as the only forms of portable entertainment, although kids these days are probably limited to those three options. No sir, back in our day, we do things like flying kites during summer you know. How about toting a kite in your pocket, thanks to the Keyring Kite?

Unclip the hinges on the small yellow case and voila! Inside you’ll find a brightly coloured blue and orange kite that folds out to an impressive 45cm diameter with 30m of bridle string. Get your Keyring out in the park or on the beach and see this cool kite in action! Keyring Kites are huge fun and easy to fly – all ages will love it! Order your Keyring Kite today and see just how much fun you can have with this miniature package!

At £2.95, this is one of the cheapest modes of fun, clean entertainment around.

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