“Blitz” is a smartphone for tweens

by Mark R

When I first saw the TXT8010, also known as the “Blitz”, I saw that it is billed as a smartphone for tweens. In all honesty, I thought that tweens were already into smartphones like BlackBerrys to do their Gossip Girl style conversations, but I must be thinking of teens.

No, this phone is marketed to tweens, that 8-14 age category that a lot of companies market to for quick sales. I suppose they need phones too, so it really is no surprise that that Verizon has teamed up with UTStarcom for this audience.

Features of this particular phone include the QWERTY keyboard, VCAST music, a 1.3 megapixel camera, and Bluetooth capability. I’m not certain how much internal memory this TXT8010, but it has a microSD slot for more.

I’ve heard a criticism on this phone saying that tweens are not ready for phones this advanced, but in all honesty, I believe we’re living in an era that makes it impossible for a tween to function in today’s society without the aforementioned features.

One thing I don’t have is the specs on the size of the phone. Perhaps it is a little smaller for tween hands. I do know that the “Blitz” is available for $70 with a two year contract.


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