The USB Mixa Tape holds 1GB of sappy love songs

by Ally

A little while back there was the USB stick that came in packaging resembling a mixed tape.  However, all it really was, was a bit of fancy packaging and not much else.  Well this new USB drive resembles a mixed tape all the time.  Instead of just getting sent to you in packaging that looks like it, then once out of it just looks like a boring USB drive.  This one not only comes in the shape of a tape, but it comes decked out in fun stickers too.  Luckily they allow you to choose the stickers and just include them when they ship it out.

To use it, there is a sliding button on the top that when pushed will pop out the USB connector.  So you won’t have that awkward piece sticking out the side all of the time.  The drive is 1GB and will hold up to 250 songs.  Which means if you intend to pass this along to someone special you’ve got plenty of room for cheesy love songs.  The tape is being sold for  from $14.99 or about $37.

Source: RGS

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