Canon ES3 and ES30 are Portably Good

by Mark R

As much as I like the convenience of taking pictures in an age of the digital camera, I really hate the whole convoluted process of getting these digital images made into prints. My wife uses services like Snapfish, but what if I just want to take the picture and print it out right there? Aren’t we technologically advanced for this, or do we need to go back to the time of Polaroid Instamatics?

Fortunately, Canon has come to my rescue with the Selphy ES3 and ES30. These two new printers are so completely portable, that you can take them just about anywhere.

The ES3 and ES30 have integrated ink and paper cartridges, as well as PictBridge compatibility. These printers also have on-board clip-art features, and they have a 15 format memory card reader.

The main difference between the ES3 and the ES30 is that the ES3 has more clip art choices than the ES30. Both of them have LCD screens, but the ES3 has a 3.5 inch LCD, and the ES30 has a 3 inch LCD.

I do not have a release date, but I do have a price. The ES3 will retail for about $199.99, and the ES30 will go for about $149.99.


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