The Teddy Bear USB Drive

by Ally

A couple of years ago someone decided to do a quick DIY project and turn a decapitated teddy into a USB drive.  Well now some manufacturer has decided to release something very similar to the general public.  This looks even more morbid than the koala and monkey USB card readers that have been making the rounds through all kinds of tech blogs.  Which makes this teddy bear my new favorite headless gadget.

To give you an idea on size it measures about 9.5cm tall by 8cm.  So it’s a fairly small teddy bear and won’t put a lot of weight on your computer when it’s plugged in.  It will support Windows, Vista, 2000 and Mac OS.  Which means the monkey has one up on it, the monkey supports ME.  Which is quite obviously an important one to support.  The poor headless teddy bear is being sold off on USB Geek to anyone willing to fork out $17.

Source: GeekAlerts

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