The $50 Winner and last weeks Coolest Gadget…



Last weeks coolest gadget again had a runaway winner (45% of the votes), the iRing (another podium finish for Gaj It)), the coolest way to control your iPod.

The iRing’s functionality is every bit as cool as the iPod’s. To adjust the volume, you simply need to slide your finger across the touch sensitive surface of the ring. To play or pause songs, just tap the apple icon on the ring and to skip tracks you need only touch on either side of the icon depending on which direction you want to go

As cool as the iRing is, it is only a concept which did give it a bit of an unfair advantage in last weeks contest so we might be changing the rulea a little bit for next week.
human catapult
In second place with 17% of the votes we have the human water catapult submitted by UberReview.

It propels participants through the air in a pre-calculated parabolic trajectory using a special combination of air pressure and water recoil technology. The participant sits in a specially constructed seat at the back end of the catapult arm and 3,2,1…Liftoff. He sets the device in motion himself by pushing a button. Approximately 60 Liters of water are then forced through a rocket nozzle under the seat. This pressurized water (8 to 10 bar of air pressure) propels the participant 8 meters though the air for a cool and refreshing splash down in a swimming pool.

wine bra
We reviewed the beer belly for us blokes (modeled by Russell) back in 2006, now, as submitted by Random Good Stuff, here’s one for the ladies, the Wine Bra.

This comfortable sports-style bra contains a special boob-enhancing polyurethane bladder that can be filled with your drink of choice. Simply slip it on, fill with wine or any other beverage you fancy and wear it under your regular clothes. You can then indulge in a spot of stealth drinking via the WineRack’s adjustable drinking tube. With a rack like this girls’ nights out will never be the same again.

Thanks again to all entrants, voters and commentators. The next weekly coolest gadgets will be up for voting this Friday (write about gadgets and want to enter, here’s how), see you there.

This weeks randomly drawn voter who wins the $50 Amazon voucher is Jay, congratulations Jay we’ll be in touch.

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