Tatung VOIP phone

How many of you use VOIP on a regular basis? I know there are many VOIP handsets available in the market, but how many of them are lookers like the Tatung VOIP?

The Tatung VOIP, winner of the 2008 IF, IDEA, and Red Dot awards is one classy phone with aims to making internet phones user friendly. Featuring Bluetooth, wireless and a touch pad design, the Tatung VOIP Phone is easy to connect to your VOIP service. Its casing can be customized but other than that the phone is devoid of unnecessary features with the exception of a faux antenna which is just for retro nostalgia.

Makes me wonder why such a classy design (that is not impractical to boot) cannot be turned into reality. Hello, are there any hardware manufacturers reading this?

Source: Yanko Design