Sony XROSS FADE Dual Dock


Sony has rolled out a DJ-style shelf system that features a couple of docks specially for iPod devices, dubbing this the XROSS FADE. Yes, pretty hard to pronounce at first glance, but it is actually “CROSS FADE” if you want to get the semantics right. This shelf system makes it a snap to mix and play music from a variety of audio players including iPods, CDs as well as other compatible audio sources for budding DJs to create their preferred soundtrack to blast out at a hip and happening party. The XROSS FADE, also known by its model number LBT-DJ2i, is part of the Muteki range of stereo systems and is touted to be able to fill up virtually any room with sound without breaking a sweat.

This music system has 450 watts of total power output, so aspiring DJs can crank up the volume while still maintaining high quality sound. As its name implies, the XROSS FADE system comes with DJ-style features, including a cross-fader with monitor cue and a built-in two-channel mixer. With this feature, an upcoming track can be checked through headphones to be sure it’s cued properly before playing it aloud. DJs can mix two songs or fade into the next song without missing a beat. With an interface and two scroll wheel mechanisms that allow for easy menu navigation similar to that of iPod players, users never need to touch their iPod players while scanning for the next track. The XROSS FADE system even has a USB recording function that saves mixing sessions to a USB device in the MP3 format without a PC.

You can place a pre-order for the XROSS FADE audio system now, and it will begin to ship from next month onwards. They will retail for approximately $500 a pop from selected retailers.

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