The Portable Motion Detecting Dusk-to-Dawn Night Light

by Ally

If you tend to be the thing that goes bump in the night as you fumble around trying to get to your destination without waking anyone, you might need a better way to get around.  This little light is motion sensing, portable and only comes on at night.  It is also free standing, so you can set it down to make your midnight snack and not have to keep the fridge open for a bit of lighting.  It is battery powered and to save batteries after sensing motion you can set it to turn off anywhere from 30 seconds to five minutes.

Which gives you plenty of time before it kicks off, hopefully the sensor is good enough to easily pick you up.  There’s nothing like seeing someone in a bathrobe and overly slept in hair, jumping around like a lunatic to get their night light to kick on.  If you have children you could leave one in their closet to prove that there are no monsters in it either.  Then you both can scream like girls when a shoe shifts and kicks the light on anyway.  The night light is being sold for $24.99 on Smarthome.

Source: Ubergizmo

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