The iStick keeps you and your Nano attached

by Ally

The Nano is one of the more popular iPods to work out with, yes the shuffle is nice, but I hate that I can’t see a list of songs.  Plus it of course holds less than the Nano.  Well to keep the Nano on you while working out you can’t really pop it in your pocket, but there is the option of the armband.  However, armbands can be obnoxious to some people, it’s a preference thing really.  There isn’t any distinct reason that they would be bad, but some do consider them uncomfortable.  Well the iStik offers a new way to keep your Nano on you while doing your daily physical activities.

It utilizes magnets to keep it attached to you and the iPod secure.  Obviously since it does use a magnet you don’t want to use it if you have a pacemaker.  You also probably want to keep it away from your computer as well, they warn that it might damage your hard drive.  They specify that it should stay six inches away at all times.  There are two different versions, one for the 2nd Gen Nano for $24.95 and then one for the 3rd Gen Nano for $26.95.

Source: CrunchGear

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