Boynq Newton’s Cradle USB Hub Ultimate in Nerdiness

by Mark R

Anyone remember the Newton’s Cradle? I seem to recall this contraption on every businessman’s desk in the seventies and eighties. It was usually made up of five marbles, strung up on two strings each. Lift one marble up and let it go, and it strikes a row of them. Then a marble will move on the other side. I believe it is supposed to demonstrate how every action equals an equal and opposite reaction.

I can’t think of any better application of Newton’s cradle than putting it in a USB Hub form. Boynq has done precisely that, and put on 4 Hubs. This is odd, because most Newton’s Cradles traditionally have five hanging marbles. At least the ones that I remember, anyway.

In addition to it’s nerd-tastic aesthetic, the Swing Hub has a DC power jack and surge protection. Of course, here is the real question: does it actually work? It doesn’t look like I could swing back a USB Hub and expect another one to come out on the other side. This would especially be the case if there was USB Cables plugged into the USB ports.

Well, feel free to try this out at about $24 at the site and see how well it performs.


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