Sony’s Bubble earbuds show off a softer side to gadgets

by Ally

I have always had a preference for how the Skull Candy earbuds look, since they are one of the few that features a bit of color and are sold at a great deal of stores.  Well these new Sony earbuds seem to feature even more color and add a bit of sparkle to the mix as well.  Which means that these shiny little guys are likely going to be more fitting for the feminine type.  These colorful earbuds might actually be enough to get me to switch brands.  Well they would have been, if there was a US release date to speak of.  No, this pretty new product is headed straight for Japan and no word if it will venture elsewhere.

It will be released September 10th in Japan, so any shot those of us elsewhere have at it will likely happen after then.  Hopefully Sony will release these in other areas of the world so that the rest of us can have brightly colored sparkly earbuds.  They will be sold for $22, so they also are going for fairly cheap.  They will be released in the colors shown in the above picture, which are white, green, pink, tan and blue.  Although I’m sure they have prettier names for the colors, but you get the idea.

Source: Newlaunches

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