Box To Play concept music phone

by AndrewD

The iPhone was the step towards a pure super music phone that we all needed. It proved that media and mobility could be mashed together into one compact device. With that extra proof came the inspiration that designers were looking for to create their own musical masterpieces.

The Box To Play phone from Japan’s KDDI AU Design Project is everything we expect a conceptual phone to be. It introduces a new form factor for musical phones, as it transforms into a beautiful box shape, illuminated by a graphic equalizer on all four sides.

Aside from the sweet transformation and the graphical interface, the Box To Play also has a few other tricks up its sleeve. For one, the circular disk feature on its face allows you to act the DJ and scratch along to your favorite tunes. Did we mention it also makes phone calls?

That’s right. When your not using the Box To Play to jam out to wall thumping beats, you can text your friends, use the on-board camera, or just have an old-fashioned voice-to-voice conversation. I truly don’t think we’ll be seeing a phone like this on the market anytime soon, but it’s still a cool thought to know that it’s a possibility.

Source via Tech Digest

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