The Birds Nest USB Speaker

by Ally

Since the Olympics have began there have been several Birds Nest inspired gadgetry.  Frankly, all of them look a bit cheesy.  This new one is a USB speaker to keep your music going no matter where you’re at.  I’m sure the actual full-size Olympic version of this is much more interesting and attractive, but the gadgets just haven’t been.  Notice how I said I’m sure, which just goes to show how much I pay attention to the Olympics.  I’m not sure I’d even know they were going on if several different gadget sites didn’t occasionally post that one of the girls in the Olympics had done something drool-worthy.

So those that are really into the Olympics might get into this gadget a bit more than those like me that keep away from sports like they’re the black plague.  The USB speaker doesn’t have a lot in the way of speccs, but it does have the usual.  It works with all types of MP3 players, iPhones and iPods.  It is a cheap speaker so it’s not going to have stellar sound quality, but it works.  It’s being sold for $12 and comes in either black or silver.

Source: GeekAlerts

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