TUKAANI makes eating Asian food a snap


Those who were brought up in the West and have trouble with chopsticks even until today will definitely appreciate the TUKAANI eating device.

The sterling silver TUKAANI is a hand made eating device for Asian food consumers in the West. It may be held as traditional chopsticks. But unlike the disposable wooden chopsticks, TUKAANI is hand washable and much easier to set on – and use at table. The matt surface and taut movement allow steady grip in the hand. The curl at the end of the TUKAANI provides eased food picking and delivery to the mouth. The loop also allows easier hanging, storage and display.

Well, why not take this as a baby step before you master the chopsticks? After all, there is nothing quite like slurping down a bowl of steaming hot noodles with the help of chopsticks instead of using a fork…

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