The iposture monitor knows when you’re slouching

Posture is one things that most of us have at least one older relative that loves harping on us about.  Even if you don’t have that crazy aunt who thinks you should stand up straight as a board, eventually doctors start grumbling about it too.  There is also the chance that you may end up getting injured and have to work on your posture.  I have that last issue and now have the joy of attempting to correct the way I stand, sit, walk, all of it.  Which is a tedious task at times, the iposture is meant to help with that.

After a while you will likely get tired and at that point your posture starts to slack quite a bit.  At least that’s my issue, well the little disk that clips to either a chain, your clothing or your skin will begin to vibrate when it senses this issue.  I’m not sure exactly how it senses that you’ve been slouching but it does.  You can also set it to your ideal posture, which means you won’t have to stand up stick straight if you think it makes you look a bit pompous.  The device is being sold for $99.95.

Source: likecool

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