Oxihealth Finger Oximeter


Talk about literally having vital information on your health status at the tip of your fingers – this is now possible with the Oxihealth Finger Oximeter.

Just like the device your doctor uses, the OxiHealth Finger Oximeter provides you with vital information at the touch of your finger. Every time you slip it onto your finger you will receive your pulse rate as well as a measurement of the arterial hemoglobin in your Oxyhemoglobin. There are two sensors that measure the absorption of a red LED light and infrared. The absorption of these wavelengths is different between oxyhemoglobin and the deoxygenated form. The OxiHealth Finger Oximeter gives you this vital information in just seconds.

Remember, this $15 device is no substitute for regular visits to a doctor, and neither should it be used as a replacement for advice from your doctor.

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Mike U Says: August 19, 2008 at 9:55 am

The blog indicates this device is $15, but when you get to the link or Gadget Universe, it’s $99.95! Sorry, too expensive for me!

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