Brando’s Tiny USB Cell Phone Charger

by Ally

If you have a tendency to forget to charge your phone or accidentally leave your charger at home when you’re headed out for a weekend, you might consider picking up one of these keychains.  It’s small enough that it won’t weigh you down anymore than your keys would.  Plus since it is a keychain it’d be with you when you need it most.  The charger also works with all kinds of cellphone chargers, so you could loan it out to the rest of your family when you need to.

The charger is a fairly simple device, so there isn’t much in the way of specs.  This is one of those devices where to fill in extra space they added in speccs like “Simple enough and lightweight”.  Then four lines down say practically the same thing only in slightly different wording.  Honestly they could have kept it at the name, Multi Cellular Batteries USB Tiny Charger, and you’d probably understand what they were selling.  It is being sold for $12 at Brando.

Source: geekalerts

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