Glow and Throw UFO Flying Disc

Summer will be coming to a close real soon, so make do with whatever days you have left out in the evenings by feeding mosquitoes as well as throwing the Glow and Throw UFO Flying Disc.

All you have to do to make your own UFOs is to pick your favorite colors of glow tube. Activate them and plug them into the holes on the Flying Disc. If you need a longer tube, you can easily connect two or more with the aptly named “connector piece.” When you are done with your creation, it will look something like a mad scientist’s Easter bonnet. But all you have to do is throw it to see the transformation – each line of color will become a 3D solid as it spins. You will be able to get some exercise at night, freak out your neighbors, and have fun all at the same time. Because remember, you can’t spell “UFO” without “fun!”

I wonder whether there will be anyone who actually thinks that this is an actual UFO and take snapshots of it, sending it to the local paper and eventually ending up on Google News only to be revealed as a hoax just like the recent Bigfoot fiasco.