Dogsled: Carpooling without the car

by AndrewD

There’s no doubt about it. Carpooling with co-workers and friends is an efficient way of saving on fuel prices, while at the same time reducing the emissions level of an additional car on the road. But how about carpooling without the use of a car at all?

The Dogsled is a four-seater pedal vehicle which allows for you and three of your friends to travel together without the need for gas, electricity, or any other power source other than your own two legs (or eight legs in this case). This human-powered quadcycle is totally reliant on pedal power, so you probably won’t be travelling cross-country on this vehicle unless you’re looking for a hardy workout.

Carpooling is good for both the environment and your wallet. Carpooling without a car is even better for both. Using the Dogsled adds an element of exercise which you could only usually accomplish while riding a bike or in a gym.

So let’s put the pedal to the metal and make this planet a greener place to live, not to mention toning our flabby calf muscles in the process. This is truly a great contraption for traveling short distances with your buddies.

Source via Coolbuzz

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