Students in UK get MP3 compatible uniforms

by James

Reflecting today’s techno obsessed society, clothing maker Marks and Spencer in the “old country” have created a new line of school uniforms which have iPod/MP3 compatibility. I’m sure teachers will just LOVE that.

The new line of interactive clothing features blazer and winter coats with five function keypad controllers sewn right inside the inside the lapels. This gives the user complete remote access to their iPods without really drawing attention to themselves or pulling the unit out to fiddle with and have it confiscated by teachers during an exam (course, the earbuds would be a dead giveaway, but at least it has lapel looks with which to hide most of the wires until they get up to your ears).
The jackets are made of 100% polyester, recycled materials, and come with both water and stain protection.

“Marks and Spencer’s 2008 Back to School collection is optimized for wear comfort as well as for the use of an iPod on the go: a strategically placed iPod pocket which doesn’t bulge, an iPod connector with a hidden circuit, concealed controls for operating the settings, lapel loops concealing the earphone wires.”

Girls will no doubt love the design because it stealthily provides them with the ability to listen to music (or test notes) through the day with nobody being the wiser. Frankly, I’d be looking for a wave of
long hair mens fashion to hit the UK as a result.

The blazers come in black only and will retail for about $50-30 US, while the winter coats will sell for around $70-80 US directly from Marks and Spencer.

Hat Tip – UberGiz

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