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While taking a flight is convenient if you want to cover large distances over the ground within the shortest possible time (assuming we aren’t referring to the Autobahn in Germany while owning a delectable collection of supercars in the garage), often the whole checking in process is a huge pain in the ass. You’ll not only have to remove your belt, metal devices and shoes, some security personnel even ask you to take out your laptop and turn it on just to make sure you’re all clear to go instead of having more nefarious plans up your sleeve. With the FlyThru laptop case from SOLO, all that hassle concerning laptops can be relegated to a thing of the past – the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has recently given manufacturers guidelines to manufacture and market checkpoint-friendly bags, and I am happy to report that SOLO’s FlyThru cases meet and exceed these guidelines, joining the ranks of Incipio Technologies and Mobile Edge releases.

There will be quite a number of FlyThru options for consumers to choose from by this fall, which will definitely be welcome as the mad holiday season at the end of the year will be upon us before we know it. Some of these options include :-

  • A Tech Collection mesh-covered removable laptop sleeve for 15.4″ laptops that features cut-out windows for easy identification by airport security
  • A Tech Collection clamshell “Mini Instant Messenger” that holds an 11″ netbook
  • A Classic Collection clamshell portfolio for 15.4″ laptops that will lay flat across the x-ray belt during screening

SOLO is also marketing a patent pending “AlwaysOn” FlyThru sleeve, which will securely hug the laptop while also featuring vented openings in the back for cord pass-through. This will allow the user to utilize their laptop while it is still in the sleeve. The dual functionality not only protects laptops, but acts as a portable workstation. The “AlwaysOn” sleeve will be available to accommodate various sized laptops among several collection styles.

SOLO assures that these prices will remain within reasonable limits, ranging from $30 to $60. I guess that’s not too much a price to pay if I want to avoid all those pesky long queues and get to my seat and settle down as soon as possible.

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