Intel computers receive phone calls


Intel might have nearly taken over the whole world with their range of computer processors that pervade virtually every aspect of our lives, but that doesn’t mean they’re one mean corporate giant who doesn’t give two hoots about how the world’s environment is going to turn out. After all, they’d best preserve the world if they have their best interests at heart – assuming a huge amount of population gets wiped out due to some sort of global weather catastrophe, that would mean a huge chunk of their current and future customers performing a Houdini in an instant, which will definitely affect the company’s bottomline no matter which economic quarter they’re in then. Current computers will need to be fully turned on if they are to receive a phone call over the Internet, making these into impractical power guzzlers as a phone replacement, but Intel has just come up with a new component that allows a computer to go to sleep, “waking up” whenever there is an incoming call – a solution that helps save power and keep the earth green simultaneously, what’s there not to like.

This same computer is also smart enough to activate its microphone and loudspeaker to alert the user, followed by connecting the call. Guess this is a whole new ball game that could see the humble and once powerful home phone being relegated to the ranks of antique technology, fit only for museums and antique shops. Folks who are interested in this Intel development will be able to look out for the first batch of Intel motherboards that come with Remote Wake capability from next month onwards.

It is speculated that these components will most likely see action by smaller computer manufacturers since big time players like HP and Dell currently use their own motherboard solutions, although that has not ruled Intel out from supplying them with similar technology as well.

Source: Mercury News

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