Desktop Mini Water Dispenser holds 2 liters

by Ally

If you really despise having to get up and go to the water cooler all of the time, then why not bring a miniaturized version with you?  Hopefully, it doesn’t bring people crowding around your desk though.  It will hold 2 liters of water or eight glasses.  Although the photo does feature a water cooler trimmed in pink, they don’t actually have that color available.  They do say that they have other colors, but don’t bother to mention what ones or give the option to select a color upon checkout.

So I suppose you’ll just have to hope for a decent color combination when you pick one of these up.  It is being sold by Deal Extreme and is priced at $24.49, which really isn’t too bad.  You could also fill this up with liquids besides water if you’re tired of bland water.  You could probably go for either flavored water or more sugary drinks like lemonade.  Hopefully that sugar wouldn’t somehow clog it for some strange reason.

Source: ChipChick

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Bottled Water Toronto Says: May 14, 2009 at 1:53 pm

Looks Awesome !!! I want one right now :)))

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