Das Keyboard Professional and Ultimate are bold, loud, and sexy!

by Mark R

Take yourself back twenty-five years ago, when IBM computers ruled the Earth. Do you remember how loud those keyboards were? Today’s laptops and desktops are practically silent compared to the way those old school keyboards would click at the slightest touch. Loud as they were, there was something about the way the keys clicked that made you feel that work was being done.

Das Keyboard has brought back the clickity-clack magic with their Professional and Ultimate keyboard models. The clicking comes from gold-plated key switches that are the product of the German Cherry engineering corporation.

Both of the keyboards have a sleek glossy black design. The Professional has the traditional look of a keyboard, but the Ultimate has keys that are completely unlabeled for a very unique look.

Both the Das Keyboard keyboards install easily to a laptop or desktop with the long (6.6 foot) USB cord. They have two USB ports on the side for charging or syncing with any USB related devices the user may want. Another feature is the n-key function which allows the simultaneous hitting of 12 keys all at once.

Both the Das Keyboard Professional and Ultimate are available off the company website for about $129.00.


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