Brando’s Anchor Clock with working gears

by Ally

This cute little clock would not only show your love for the sea, but your love for seeing the insides of machinery.  It features a design that keeps the gears out in the open for all to see.  It has ten to be specific and when the clock is on the gears will slowly move, instead of just sitting there and looking pretty.  Although I don’t think the chains dangling down move with the anchors.

The clock is actually from the infamous Brando, but frankly, for once I think Brando found a cool product that isn’t that cheesy.  Brando does have the tendency to sell very silly and random USB-powered gadgets.  This one isn’t even USB-powered, it’s battery powered instead.  Maybe Brando is branching out and will be selling more products like this.  It sadly is a little pricey, it’s being sold for $115.  Which isn’t horrible when you consider all of the working gears, it just depends on how much you’re willing to pay for a clock.

Source: TechChee

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