BlackBerry Bold promo kit drops: Certaintly not pocket sized

by AndrewD

Smartphone addicts and BlackBerry fanboys rejoice. The release of the BlackBerry Bold promo kit can only mean one thing. This new device is right around the corner from its official release. On most occasions the promo kit wouldn’t cause such a hubbub across the gadget community, but lordy, RIM has outdone themselves with this one.

The Bold promo kit in question includes a massive sized version of the device which holds the rest of the BlackBerry goodies. Included are a bunch of Bold goodies, including fliers, pamphlets, and what seems to be a production model of the phone itself.

All we want to know is who gets to keep those awesome promo kit cases? They look pretty much exactly like the Bold itself, only made for mythical beasts. Perhaps a giant or an ogre. While we’re not sure quite yet how much of an effect the Bold will have on iPhone sales, the device looks mighty impressive.

Initial reviews say the Bold’s display is among the sharpest and brightest of any smartphone displays ever released. It’s overall design and feel seems really comfortable and easy to use, and the UI looks extra slick on the sharp display. Do you expect to grab a BlackBerry Bold once it’s released?

Source via Engadget

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