Tikitoonz Tiki Speakers – perfect for pool parties

by Ally

With summer still going, you might still be on the lookout for some fun summer themed speakers.  These cute little Tikitoonz Tiki Speakers look perfect for any pool party and once the weather turns freezing cold it will be a nice reminder of the warmer months.  Then again, in the middle of winter it’s not always best to think too much about when it didn’t take you 15 minutes of bundling up to go outdoors.   I’ve really got to move further south before it does turn cold, and if you already are where it stays warm these speakers will look great longer.

The speakers are based on Polynesian carvings and are weather-resistant.  Which makes them even better for poolside fun, just as long as you don’t just toss them in the pool with you.  They are 80 watts and will cost you $149.95.  So these aren’t exactly cheap novelty speakers, but hopefully they’ll have a nicer sound than a cheap $20 pair. They also have a pair of steel brackets so you can mount them outside on your back patio.

Source: SlipperyBrick

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