Wind-up Universal Remote

by Mark R

If there is one thing I hate, it’s when the batteries run out in my remote. It usually happens when I am most comfortable on the couch. It’s like when you turn on a light, and you get that last blink of the dying light bulb. Now you have to go find a bulb, assuming you have one on hand, and waste a few precious minutes changing it.

Similarly, I rarely have batteries on hand for my remote control, so wouldn’t it just be easier to get a remote control that doesn’t use any batteries? Fortunately, it exists, and is powered by one of the most elementary power sources.

When I say elementary, I mean elementary school. Yes, this remote control is powered by wind up power, just like a toy. Apparently, thirty twists are enough to power the device for about a week. That is definitely more efficient than my old wind-up toys.

I’m guessing the wind-up function works like an egg timer, but the turns do more than just tick-tocking. Maybe a bell should go off when you need to wind it up again. Let’s just hope that you cannot over-wind the thing like an old school alarm clock.

If you like it, you should be able to get it at the Gizoo website for about £19.95 or $38.


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