The Solarjo Power Purse attempts to make solar panels fashionable

Fashion and solar panels don’t exactly blend well.  A solar panel is of course important to keep your gadgets charged in an eco-friendly way.  However, most of the time you’re going to have to sacrifice your fashion sense to have a solar-powered bag.  There are a few good brands out there that do make an effort to keep their bags stylish, yet this is the first that features a smaller design that I’ve seen.  Most solar bags are larger totes or book bags.  Which those are nice for someone that is on the go so much that they have to carry around a lot of stuff.  Yet, something smaller like this would probably appeal to a great deal of women.

Not everyone wants a large bulky bag, although that is what I tend to prefer.  Sometimes, it’s still nice to keep things minimal.  Which means carrying a solar purse that only carries a couple items.  This purse was actually designed a full three years ago by Joe Hynek.  Don’t worry this isn’t old news just yet though, since the bag will actually be finally making its debut by the end of this year.  The purse takes two hours to charge and once it’s charged, it can stay that way for up to a month.  As of now the price is projected to be set at $285, there is always the chance that could fluctuate though.

Source: EcoGeek

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