Orbitsound T3 is very personal


Folks who want to maintain their personal space can always look forward to the Orbitsound T3 speaker. While it isn’t as private as a pair of headphones, it won’t cause hearing damage either if used properly, unlike a pair of headphones.

The T3 uses amazing airSOUND® single-point-stereo technology to power its personal stereo aura. The Orbitsound T3 also doubles as a great portable stereo speaker system on the move for use with laptops, music and video players. Great in the office or a hotel room: sit the T3 on any flat surface for great airSOUND spatial stereo sound. Measuring just 102 x 60 x 20mm (22mm at maximum) and weighing 115g, the T3 is powered by a lithium rechargeable battery, providing up to 10 hours playing time on a single charge.

You can pick one up for approximately $170, but make sure this is not used in a library or place of worship unless getting shown to the door is your thing.

Product Page via OhGizmo!

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