Wrex the robot dog


Al managed to catch hold of Wrex the robot dog at CES earlier this year, and true to his word, we’re now in the third quarter of 2008 and Gizoo’s offering Wrex the robot dog for the masses.

Wrex the robot dog gives paw, sneezes, gets hungry and needs to pee, just like a living breathing version of man’s best friend. You can train him, play with him and even reprogramme him into a cat or the original Robosapien. And in keeping with Wrex the Dawg’s slap dash body, your robot dog malfunctions every now and again and you will have to save the day and repair him. Wrex the Dawg has three distinctive moods, including happy, angry and crazy, and if you’re in any doubt as to which one he’s in check the eyes. Wrex’s eyes go nuts, spinning like you’ve just won on a slot machine and stopping on a set that match his mood and desires. Pick a mood and control Wrex the Dawg using the remote control or set his moods to random and let him roam autonomously off the leash. Preorder yours today for heaps upon heaps of fun in one tiny package.

Sounds as though this will make for an extremely desirable Christmas present! Wrex the robot dog will ship at the end of this month, so make sure you plonk down £99.95 if you want one by then.

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