Hov Pod for outdoor fun

Summer’s the time to spend as much waking hours as possible outdoors, and what better way than to do it in style with the Hov Pod?

The New Hov Pod SPX hovercraft design is unique; Hov Pods are far stronger, more buoyant than glass fibre hovercraft models; very rugged and strong so suitable for commercial, patrol and rescue hovercraft use. New tooling and manufacturing processes have been necessary to keep up with growing demand for the Hov Pod; we now probably ship more small hovercraft than any other supplier; drive one and discover why. Customers literally get blown away by the Hov Pod! Great for family outings, hunting and fishing trips – experience the unique sensation of traveling on a cushion of air, over any flat surface at speeds up to 45 mph. Wow factor comes as standard, miles of smiles for folk of all ages.

I’m pretty sure these will cost you a bomb, no doubt about it. If you’re a working class citizen with very little extra income to spare each month, better start looking for cheaper summer fun alternatives.