The eco-friendly EarthDrive USB drive

This little EarthDrive claims to be the world’s very first earth-friendly USB drive.  Which usually sets off all kinds of red flags for a lot of people.  Mostly because there are so many brands that claim to be the latest and greatest in green technology.  Unfortunately for a great many of us we don’t have the knowledge to disprove their claim.  The drive is supposed to be completely recyclable, which I doubt would be helpful for many.  I can’t really see someone going out of their way to recycle a tiny little USB drive.  Yes, it is the better thing to do, and we may have the best of intentions to do it.  It’s just doubtful that it would actually happen.

It is also made from bio-recycled plastics.  It is also shockproof, waterproof and dust proof.  As well as having built in security software, drive partitioning and is password protected.  A portion of EarthDrive’s sales will go to American Forests.  Although they don’t actually say how large or small that portion is exactly.  The 8GB drive is being sold for $48.

Source: ecogeek