Memorex unveils new iPod alarm clocks


Waking up can be quite a chore for some of us, but sometimes the right tunes can get us out of bed much faster compared to the traditional ringing of an alarm clock, and Memorex has stepped up to fill this need with the Mi4019 and iWakeUp) alarm clocks that feature buzzer, iPod and radio options to make rolling out of bed a much more pleasant experience.

Memorex Mi4019 Alarm Clock
When everything serves a double purpose, the Memorex Mi4019 alarm clock’s compact design not only leaves space on a nightstand or dinner table, but also charges and plays all the user’s favorite songs from his or her iPod. A flip door discretely hides buttons and iPod connectors when not in use. The Mi4019 alarm clock features an integrated AM/FM radio, white backlit LCD display, snooze function and universal dock to power and charge all iPod devices. It is available in pink, white and black.

Memorex iWakeUp Clock Radio
Inspired by the bedroom pillow, the iWakeUp Clock Radio features a soft form and clean design for a stylish fit with any home decor. Sitting vertically on your nightstand, iWakeUp maximizes speaker size with a sleek profile and sophisticated appearance. This alarm clock comes equipped with a universal dock that plays and charges all iPod devices and includes many cool features like a dual alarm, FM tuner, white backlit LCD display, snooze function and wireless remote. It incorporates high-quality audio enhancement technology for optimal playback and is available in rich black and bright white.

Before getting either one, make sure you have an iPod to go along with it lest it becomes another expensive FM radio purchase. The Memorex Mi4019 alarm clock will retail for $39.99, while the Memorex iWakeUp (Mi4016) Clock Radio is $30 more expensive at $69.99.

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