Clock Delay: A Gadget Born For Blame

by AndrewD

It’s hard to lie your way out of being late with all of the clocks we have in our lives. Our cellphones, our watches, all of the novelty clocks we’ve collected over the years which litter our homes. Our bosses just don’t buy that excuse anymore. But here’s an idea. Ditch every other clock you have. The cellphone withdrawal will be hell, but if you need an excuse, we’ve got a gadget for you.

The Clock Delay is a time piece which looks like you need a physics degree to decipher. A set of three revolving wheels cycles around in a perpetual fashion which only time can create. But here’s the catch. Reading the time is as easy as looking at the center junction point where the circles meet.

Designed by Bas van Leeuwen for Studio Bloomm, the stainless steel and aluminum Clock Delay is a sure fire way to excuse yourself from work due to your highly intricate clock. Challenge your boss to read it for himself. If they ask about your lack of a cellphone, blame it on soul searching.

While you won’t be finding this clock anywhere in stores, maybe you can beg one off the designer if the price is right. I guess it all depends on how bad you need an excuse. Or you can always just pull the old fake vomit trick.

Design Page via Dvice

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