Zeemote and Sony Ericsson team up with new bundle


Zeemote, the company behind intelligent wireless controllers for mobile devices, have teamed up with Sony Ericsson to bring a totally different gaming experience to the world of cell phones by offering the Zeemote JS1 Controller to come bundled with the Sony Ericsson W760i. This unique controller will pair up with the handset using Bluetooth technology, and will be offered in an exclusive promotion throughout the Netherlands. Funny thing that this isn’t offered to other countries around the world – is there something we’re missing out on here? Did market research show that the Dutch are more prone to playing games on their cell phones, while the rest of the world uses our phones to, you know, carry out conversations? Well, that will be one of the mysteries in life I suppose, but I digress. On to the Zeemote JS1 shortly.

The Zeemote JS1 Controller offers a whole new way to play, although I suspect that the “revolution” it proposes won’t be anywhere near that of the Wii and its famous motion controller, the Wiimote. The JS1 does aim to bring a semblance of console gaming to the cell phone market, featuring a thumbstick and a quartet of trigger buttons to keep up with your lightning quick reflexes. It weighs a mere 1.7 oz, so you can be sure that your hands won’t suffer from cramps anytime soon despite long hours of gaming. I’d say keep a charger handy nearby, since Bluetooth connection tends to drain power quickly, what more with your phone running a processor intensive action like games.

This bundle will be available across the Netherlands starting from August 8th onwards till October 31st this year, where the Zeemote JS1 Controller will cost you nothing as long as you pick up Sony Ericsson’s new 3G-capable handset, the W760i Walkman. Bearing the Walkman marque means this is one mean music playing cell phone, although the inclusion of the Zeemote JS1 also underlies its capability and potential to handle games that are more complex than most cell phone games we see in the market today. Each W760i will come pre-loaded with a couple of Zeemote Ready games, while there will be another 14 titles which can be downloaded via the Fun & Downloads section.

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