Lenovo enters netbook market with IdeaPad S10


I guess Lenovo cannot help but look on in envy at Asustek and their success with the phenomenal Eee PC series which now comes in a whole slew of variants and sizes unlike the original 7″ version. The China-based company decided to take matters into their own hands by releasing a new netbook known as the IdeaPad S10. This extremely slim and small netbook will target customers who are looking for a first-time notebook purchase that won’t burden your shoulders nor your wallet, and it makes for the perfect companion for people who already have a primary desktop to work with. The IdeaPad is not a processing powerhouse, so don’t expect it crunch numbers for a scientific experiment anytime soon. What you can do with it, however, is what most other people do in the world – check your email, update your blog, read Coolest Gadgets, and other basic computing tasks. More on the IdeaPad S10 right after the jump.

The 10.2-inch screen IdeaPad S10 netbook comes in flavors of classic white and bold black as well as a glossy ruby red. For a comfortable, more natural computing experience, Lenovo designed the keyboard to be 85 percent of the size of a full-function notebook PC’s keyboard, and an energy-efficient LED backlit display helps provide longer battery life than traditional displays. For easy connection to the Internet, the IdeaPad S10 netbook includes WiFi and also has an Express Card slot so users can enable the IdeaPad S10 for optional high speed mobile broadband2 connectivity. To optimize the social networking experience, the IdeaPad S10 comes with tools such as a built-in web camera for video messaging, and its two USB ports and a 4-in-1 multicard reader make connecting other devices and transferring photos, music and videos simple. The IdeaPad S10 netbook comes equipped with Microsoft Windows XP.

The Intel Atom-powered IdeaPad S10 will come in a couple of configurations for you to choose from – 512MB with an 80GB hard drive and another model with double the respective amounts. Prices will start from $399 upwards as the IdeaPad S10 hits retail stores early this October.

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