Stonehenge Rocks Around the Clock

by Mark R

Some time in the future, we will discover an ancient yet technological race of druids who will have their own version of Stonehenge. Instead of a series of stones gathered in a circle as a calendar, this strange futuristic race of druids will have a robotic arm that will rearrange a set of numbered cards to indicate the current time.

The future is now. A clever designer who my source does not name has built the robot arm and the numbered cards for it. It appears that the cards are made of some simple foam with some neodymium magnets to make certain they are put back in the same place every time.

If you want to see this Stonehenge in action for yourself, feel free to watch the attached YouTube video after the jump.

As the video shows, it takes less than a minute to change from 12:09 to 12:10. Granted, that is two numbers that the robotic arm has to shift around, but imagine if it were four, like changing from 11:59 to 12:00? I suppose the user has to account for the time it takes to change the time when viewing this clock.

I suppose this clock is good for getting a good idea of the time, rather than the exact time. However, can you imagine being almost late and you need to know the exact time, and the Stonehenge is locked in a time change? “Come on, hurry up! What time is it for crying out loud!”

Still, you got to admire the designer for rethinking the idea of a clock. I can totally see it in some doctor or business waiting room, for aesthetic purposes only. Hopefully it will come available to the general market in some sort of kit or something.


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