Nintendo considers holographic storage for Wii


Out of all three current generation consoles, the Nintendo Wii has the most problems when it comes to storage. Having an SD memory card slot with no hard drive at all makes it really tough for Wii owners to expand upon their collection of downloaded games, since that would mean building up a sizable amount of SD cards in due time. Nintendo is looking towards the future by considering a futuristic storage format as the solution – by filing a patent application for “Miniature flexure based scanners for angle multiplexing”, making a fair number of references to holographic storage. Several advantages of this include storing data at a much faster rate compared to current technologies, but since Wii titles aren’t that data intensive, it wouldn’t really need fast read/write speeds. Well, this is still all speculation at this point in time, so it remains to be seen whether the Wii will actually get holographic storage or not.

Source: RegHardware

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