Hello Kitty scale keeps track of your weight

by Ally

If you’re stuck attempting to lose a bit of weight and have a serious addiction for all that is Hello Kitty, then you might pick up one of these.  Although I doubt there is a single person on this earth who actually loves scales, this one does have a few extras to keep you motivated.  It might actually help you to not loathe that point that you have to step onto the scale.

This Hello Kitty scale actually hooks up to your computer and basically saves your weight.  Then charts it and keeps track of it from day to day.  That way weight loss is a little less of a guessing game and you know exactly where you were at last month.  To plug it into your computer, it has a handheld panel that connects via USB.  It is being sold for 12,000 Yen or about $112.  Which is a bit much for just a silly little scale, but slap Hello Kitty on it and it’s guaranteed that someone will buy it, especially in Japan.

Source: gizmodiva

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