NVIDIA ushers in new gaming notebook era


NVIDIA won’t be resting on their laurels as they make yet another move forward in the world of gaming notebooks thanks to their new range of graphic cards that are touted to push the boundaries of today’s gaming to a totally whole new level. Other that cramming in more pixels and speeding up the frame rate while throwing in physics-related programming, how much more advanced can graphic cards get? Only time will tell, but in the mean time, read more about the newest NVIDIA GeForce 9800M and 9700M GPUs right after the jump.

The GeForce 9M Series GPUs, with their parallel processing design, are ushering in a new generation of ultra-realistic games by being the only GPUs to support PhysX technology. The world’s most pervasive physics engine, PhysX technology is being used by more than 25,000 developers worldwide and is already delivering dynamic 3D realism to more than 140 games across multiple platforms. With PhysX technology, developers can incorporate effects such as rigid body dynamics, collision detection, and cloth simulation, dramatically changing the way the games are played and how the on-screen stories unfold, and then accelerating those effects using the processing power of the GPU.

Some of the features include :-

  • NVIDIA’s PhysX technology for real-time game physics calculations
  • 112 processing cores for compute-intensive tasks like video conversion and transcoding
  • New lightning-fast graphics engine for unprecedented performance, extraordinarily detailed environments, and film-quality game effects
  • Support for NVIDIA SLI® multi-GPU configurations for the best gaming experience on a notebook PC
  • Support for Hybrid SLI technology for longer battery life, cooler operation, and lower noise
  • PureVideo® HD video processing features for improved color and contrast when playing back video
  • Full support for the latest Blu-ray advancements, including BD-Live and dual-stream video playback
  • Support for the new MXM™ version 3.0 graphics module specification

You will be able to find the new GeForce 9800M and GeForce 9700M Series GPUs from more than 20 notebook manufacturers, so be prepared to fork out top dollar (or whatever local currency you’re using) if you want to experience the latest and greatest in gaming. Of course, the onus is now on the software companies to write engines that will take full advantage of such graphical firepower.

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